What are some best pre-vacation things to do before leaving for a vacation?
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What are some best pre-vacation things to do before leaving for a vacation?

If you want to keep your home safe you need to cross off a number of things on your pre-vacation list. If you don’t do so your house may be at risk or even if you can’t stay satisfied throughout your trip, you are always worried about your home. House cleaning Bothell has some tips that will help you cross out a few of the things off your checklist before you head out for a trip.

  1. A week before

When house cleaning you should pre-plan everything from what you require to what things need to be done ahead of time.   

  • Keep your mail delivered or ask someone to pick it up for you 

  • Keep the delivery of your newspapers.

  • Organize pet sitter or doghouse

  • Pay your bills

  • Check the supply of toiletries / equipment / clothing - purchase new items if necessary

  • Upload reading materials: buy magazines and books, take books out of the library, download books 

  • Order and collect a drug refill if it runs out on the go

  • Inform your friends and family about the travel itinerary.

  • Plan a trip to the airport or book a parking space 


  1. A day before 

During house cleaning, obviously you can’t pack all the things that you require for the trip ahead of time, so you can do that sort of packing a day before.  

  • Discard perishable foods from the refrigerator, as well as any fruits / vegetables that could go wrong while out   

  • During the house cleaning notify the alarm company that you will be out

  • Wash all clothes 

  • Check-in for online flights and printed boarding passes

  • Write down / print destination addresses

  • Check the target time

  • Confirm hotel reservations

  • Confirm reservations for car rental

  • Program the necessary phone numbers on the phone

  • Set up your email

  • When house cleaning fully charge your phone / tablet / laptop

  • Withdraw cash and exchange them for dollar bills in case you need to tip transport drivers, skycaps, hotel waiters, etc. 

  • Call the bank to inform them that you are traveling

  • Run the dishwasher

  • Pack everything in your suitcase and hand luggage


  1. On the day of leaving 

When house cleaning, this is one of the most stressful days, if you have pre-planned everything your day will go smoothly.


  • During the house clearing process, prepare the dopp kit after preparing the day

  • When house cleaning make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked

  • Make sure that the disposable garbage is free of food debris

  • Bring the last rubbish bag to the landfill

  • Hand wash the dishes you used for breakfast and keep them 

  • Turn off the lights and turn on the lights timer   

  • Disconnect the electronics

  • Aquatic plants

  • Set the thermostat for the outlet temperature 

  • Close curtains

  • Check that you have the identification and itinerary packed in the bag


If you have been looking for more house cleaning tips then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Bothell experts who are always looking to help you out to help you prepare for pre vacation. Moreover you can also book an appointment with your House Cleaning Bothell experts.